Why is everything free?


I had a bad Halloween in 2017. One of my mentors died suddenly of a brain tumor two months after being diagnosed. He was too young and too smart to be taken so soon, but he was gone and there had been little warning for those of us not on Facebook. He spent time as David Copperfield's assistant, a human lie detector for the FBI, an author, and an international resource on emotional control, dialects, and matters of the voice. His teachings deserve to outlive him, and people deserve the benefits of his teaching without the costs that I had to incur for my own education.

That's reason one.

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In what languages do you teach?

Classes are taught exclusively in English.

How much English do I need to know to take a class?

For Suzuki, very little English is necessary; conversational skills are not needed. For Viewpoints, Alba and Chekhov basic conversational English is required.

Do you do private coaching?

Absolutely. Contact me for rates and scheduling.

Where do you teach?

Currently, WYC Acting Classes are taught at Just Juggling in Berlin.

Do I need to wear specific clothing for classes?

In most cases, yes. Suzuki and Viewpoints require movement clothing that exposes the knees. Tights are acceptable. Socks are also necessary for Suzuki, preferably thick, comfortable ones. Please bring your own water and towels if you find it prudent. Chekhov and Alba require clothes you can comfortably move in; lie down, simple stretches, etc.


Instructor Bio

Kellen York is a United States native, having graduated from the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati with a BFA in Dramatic Performance. Though currently based in Berlin, he has performed broadly in the United States and in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has trained with SAFD Fight Master k. Jenny Jones and in both Suzuki and Viewpoints techniques with Anne Bogart’s SITI Company and Theater Mitu. Kellen has also made appearances in film and on television including Jake as Jacob (lead), commercial work, and the short-lived local television series Pilot, in a recurring role. After spending 2012 as a resident actor for Know Theatre of Cincinnati, Kellen relocated to Berlin where he has appeared onstage at English Theatre Berlin (ETB), The New Theatre, and on film at The MET Film School. He also teaches Suzuki, Viewpoints, Chekhov, and Shakespearean verse and scansion.