Free Acting Classes in Berlin

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Just Juggling
Zossener Straße 24 (Hinterhof)  
10961 Berlin 

Location - Just Juggling Studio

Go through the fence into the courtyard. The door will be immediately to your left on the ground floor, to the left of all the windows. If you pass the big flat statue of the juggling man, you’ve gone too far.


WYC Classes are completely free. Beginners are welcome.

WYC Acting is an attempt to make professional-grade acting classes available without disqualifying any individual artist or interested novice based on income. The techniques taught are primarily theatre-born, but apply easily to not only any acting challenge, but also to daily life.

This is not a class that requires emotional breakdowns from its students.

This is an active class – it is conducted with students on their feet and moving.

This is not a class for those who think they know everything already.

This is a class based on discipline, respect, and ensemble work.